HbbTv Association


Angelo has worked for the Mediaset Group since 1981. He is involved in the Strategic Marketing of “Reti
Televisive Italiane”, the Mediaset Group Italian broadcasting division.

He graduated in 1991 in physics specializing in computer science at Milan “Università degli studi”. He
joined the broadcasting operations of Videotime, a Company of the Mediaset Group, in 1981 as a technician.

In 1997 he was involved in R&D Department of RTI as a researcher and then in 2001 in the Strategic Marketing of RTI as a technology manager. In 2003 he was appointed Head of the “Digital Terrestrial Content Factory” where he helped in designing and deploy interactive TV services based on the DVB-MHP standard technology; the “Content Factory” was, from 2003 to 2008, the Italian avant-garde of interactive television.

Since 2013 he has involved in RTI Strategic Marketing where, among other, he is in charge to oversee
DVB and HbbTV standard definition activities from the business point of view. He is member of the “HD Forum Italia” technical committee and member of the “HbbTV Association” steering group.

Since January 2018he is chairing the “HbbTV Marketing and Education Working Group”.