Agorà - Rai 3


Monica Giandotti was born in Rome and showed a passion and propensity for writing from a very young age. After graduating, he immediately began to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist, and began his career by creating some sports services for local Roman broadcasters. In 2000 he began working for Canale Dieci in Ostia, hosting a political talk show, and since 2003 he has stood out for his management skills and professionalism on the national news of the Home Shopping Europe channel, today GM24.

He also continued his studies, despite his already well-established career. He holds a Masters in European Law and a PhD from the University of Teramo. In 2011, she was sent to Blog – La versione di Banfi by Alessandro Banfi on Rete 4 and created Anno zero with Michele Santoro, also hosting Tg Zero within the program from the second episode to the fifth edition. His service The Worst Youth (a title that paraphrases the famous film by Marco Tullio Giordana), which aired on May 8, 2008, will get a great media coverage.

Thanks to her ease and her capacity for dialogue, Monica thus becomes one of the faces most appreciated by Italians, a point of reference for Rai information since 2010, when she was entrusted with the management of the 7 pm edition of TG3. The journalist will hold this role until 2020, when – after taking care of Agorà Estate in the previous two years also on Rai 3 – she will go to RaiUno to present and host Unomattina, alongside the great journalist Marco Frittella and Eleonora Daniele with her ” Italian stories”.

On 20 June 2021 Monica Giandotti presents the Notte di Luce festival in Cremona, to tell the story of the restart after the lockdown through the words and music of many artists. She is the presenter of Agorà on the Rai 3 channel.