Massimiliano Capitanio was born in the province of Monza in 1974.

He graduated from the Liceo Classico “Bartolomeo Zucchi” in Monza. In 1998 he graduated in Modern Literature (with specialization in Social Communications) at the Catholic University of Milan with full marks and honors, to then obtain in 2013 the Master’s degree at Bocconi in Management for Public Administrations.

Journalist enrolled in the National Order of Journalists since 2002, first as a publicist and since 2004 as a professional.

From 2009 to 2013 he was head of the secretariat and press manager of the Social Policies Department of the Province of Milan, to then become deputy director of the press structure of the Lombardy Regional Council, a role he held until 2018, the year in which he was elected Deputy. He was Secretary and Lega Group Leader in the Parliamentary Commission for the general direction and supervision of radio and television services as well as a member of the IX Parliamentary Commission (transport, post and telecommunications) of Montecitorio, until May 2022.

He was the first signatory and promoter of law 92/2019 for the reintroduction of civic education as a compulsory and curricular subject in Italian schools. Since 2021 he has been one of the founding members of the Digital Citizenship Association, a non-profit organization whose social aspect is the educational and cultural promotion of digital citizenship.

He is also the author of several publications in newspapers, sector magazines, blogs and books on various topics including: digital markets, technological development of the country, public policies, education and media literacy; in relation to the same topics, he has also participated as a speaker at numerous events.

On Wednesday 30 March 2022 in the Chamber of Deputies, with 221 votes in favour, he was elected a member of the Communications Authority. The appointment was then formalized on the following 28 April 2022 by the President of the Republic with a specific decree.