Giorgio Casu, born in 1960, the entrepreneur who redefined the art of innovation. Giorgio’s characteristic is to translate the daily need of professional activities into invention and work of creativity.

At the age of 13, passionate about music, he studied piano privately and his creativity led him to build an electronic metronome, the school rewarding him for the invention. At the age of 15 he blew up the airwaves with a successful private youth radio, personally creating the technical equipment necessary for its operation. The effect? An authentic revolution in the audience.

At the age of 18, in 1978, at the beginning of the era of private radios and TVs, he founded one of the first advertising agencies for these new media and once again swept away the traditional schemes and opened up to innovation. At 22, thanks to his innovative musical selections, he becomes the dee jay of one of the most important discos in Sardinia.

At 25, attracted by the audiovisual world, he decides to move to Milan and in a short time becomes one of the most popular editors, working for programs that have made the history of TV such as Drive in, Ok the price is right, dee Jay Television and many others.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the production and direction of many music videos, he was called to direct Super Classifica Show.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Casu attended the NAB Show in Las Vegas every year, opening himself up to the magical world of digital editing technologies. He was the first to employ these innovations in Italy, using them to post-produce entire cutting-edge television broadcasts.

From here Casu completely immersed himself in the world of broadcasting, founding several successful companies and creating innovative programs on the road, such as “Colpo di Fulton” for Mediaset, “Shout”, “Mission” for RAI and others. Thanks to the use of ENG crews, he gave a revolutionary turn to these broadcasts, creating a new format that conquered the teen audience.
His enthusiasm infects the entire working group, valid professionals who share his hunger for research and innovation.

In 2011 Giorgio Casu, anticipating a turning point in the audiovisual world, founded DIGITALIS multimedia which today, thanks to its historic team, has become the undisputed leader of the Italian broadcast industry, with over 60 editing rooms and the ability to manage over 100,000 hours per year of post-production, graphics and audio. Digitalis realizes 70% of Mediaset’s demand and daily supplies RAI with live connections and camera crews for the most important news programmes.

Immersed in the work flow of his companies, he develops a muscle in the daily gym of television post-production and in 2019, understanding its needs, invents and patents a cutting-edge process that has revolutionized the way post-production is managed: StreamLook, the future of today.

In 2022, in Cagliari, Casu realized his wildest dream: SYM9, a private cloud specifically designed for television post-production. This center of technological excellence represents the beating heart of audiovisual innovation, a place where ideas come to life and where the future is boldly forged.