Beatrice Borgia is Chief Corporate Development Officer of Teoresi Group, an international engineering services company that supports companies in creating projects with the most cutting-edge technologies: from self-driving cars to nanotechnologies applied to the medical sector. With global expertise in the engineering field, Teoresi deals with developing the intelligence of machines, adding the “brain” that makes them smart to devices.

Born in Turin in 1980, Beatrice Borgia graduated in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Turin and Imperial College of London, holds a Ph.D. in Genetic Engineering from the Federal Polytechnic of Zurich and a subsequent Executive MBA in Business Administration from ESCP Business School in Paris. You have decades of international experience leading Strategic Marketing at multinational companies operating in the MedTech sector. Added to this is a solid knowledge of the world of startups, from which she derives an ability to create links between technological opportunities, innovative projects, enabling institutional realities and the entrepreneurial fabric.

Always interested in the world of innovation and the creation of value, she continues to carry out the mentoring and advisor activity for some consultancy organizations to support the national and international entrepreneurial fabric. In November 2021 you were appointed President of the Torino Piedmont Film Commission, by the Region on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.