Anna Maria

Rtl 102.5


Eugenio La Teana begins his experience with the world of broadcasting during his university studies.

His first collaboration with RTL 102.5 is on the web. After a period as a part time consultant he is integrated into the company. A path marked by important successes such as the radio vision of RTL 102.5, the TMC service, applications on mobile, other extensions of the radio outside the classic FM broadcast, today he directs the research and development division.

In recent years he has also dedicated himself to the legislative and technological aspects related to the regulation of digital radio in Italy. It is one of the pioneers of data services transmitted in broadcast mode.
Teana is also a member of some European tables where the most important international broadcasters define the innovations of radio.

He boasts countless participations in international conferences from Europe to Asia, where as a radio futurologist, he expresses his vision for the future.