Globecast, an Orange group company, has been active in Content Management services for over 20 years through its Playout centers in London, Paris and Singapore. Globe Cast also deals with Content Delivery through satellite platforms operating on all the main satellite positions, international fiber optic networks and mobile satellite vehicles which are used for the coverage of live news, sports and business television events. In particular, Globecast specializes in the international distribution of major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Football Championships and major motorsport events.

Many of the mobile broadcast media are integrated with production systems capable of covering all the operational needs of their customers for live event coverage. They are present on all continents with over 700 employees, 14 offices, 12 teleports, 55 satellite platforms, 92,000 km of fiber optic network with 35 PoPs, 3 Playout centers and a fleet of 60 mobile satellite vehicles.