Rai Way


Born in Rome in 1975, graduated with honors in Electronic Engineering at the Tor Vergata University of Rome, he presented in 2000 at the symposium “Proc. of the European Gallium Arsenide GaAs 2000” an article “Accurate Microwave Characterization of Power LD-MOSFETs”, with some results of the thesis.

In 2001 he was hired by Rai Way and began his professional career in Engineering in the planning and design of terrestrial networks. He attended specialization courses in telecommunications at the Reiss Romoli school in L’Aquila and was involved in the experimentation of innovative technologies, such as ATM and MPLS, and video measurements and performance objectives for digital radio links. From 2007 to 2015, he oversaw the creation of DTT/DTH coding and satellite platforms in Rai Way, carrying forward the technological evolution linked to digital terrestrial and new video formats, such as the first introduction of high definition channels. He has also activated the DAB / DAB+ digital radio platforms and services, right from the trials in Bologna and Venice, to arrive at the national Rai and regional multiplexes for local private broadcasters. He oversaw the integration of the Rai Way satellite coding and multiplexing Head Ends into the TVSAT platform.

In 2015 he became Responsible for the design of coding and multiplexing systems.

In 2018, the collaboration with the Rai Way Innovation & Research structure began, with the development of innovative projects, such as “Bari Matera 5G”, winner of a tender from the MISE and the project for the creation of a Rai Way Content Delivery Network (CDN).

He is the winner of the Rai Way special prize for innovation 2018, a competition within the framework of initiatives to enhance internal professionalism, based on the development of the Company’s competitive dimension.

Following the corporate reorganization, in 2019 he was entrusted with the responsibility of the Technical Open Innovation area in the Technology structure of Rai Way.

In 2021, following a reorganization, he became Responsible of the Innovative Services and Sustainability in Innovation & Research area, where he take care of the development of innovation projects for Rai Way.

He took care of the definition of the project proposal presented to the MISE “5G Audiovisual 2022” call for tender – category A (innovative and experimental projects for the production and distribution of content), which in July 2022 qualifies in the final ranking and is awarded the 1 million euro loan from part of MISE/MIMIT.

This is how the “5G Audiovisual Broadcast Broadband Network” project was born, of which he is the Operations Responsible and which sees Rai Way as the leader of an aggregation of 11 partners, including Rai Research Center and Rai Production Center of Turin, for the creation of 5G Broadcast networks in Turin and Palermo in synergy with the Broadband networks, with the development of innovative use cases in the production of content (VR360, 5G Private Network, very low latency encodings that enable new scenarios and production formats) and in their distribution (5G Broadcast and CDN local Edge in indoor, outdoor mobile and automotive scenarios, development of an experimental 5G Broadcast receiver equipped with seamless switching functionality between Broadcast and Broadband).